Need a break from routine?

Pépite Etena, the University of Strasbourg’s entrepreneurship center, is here to help you out!

Whether you want to explore the world of entrepreneurship and innovation through international summer schools, or you just want to develop an innovative entrepreneurial project through an unsual event, you’ll find right below the offer that suits you!

☀️ KTUR Trinational Summer School on Entrepreneurship


This summer will be the opportunity for you to join the Trinational KTUR Summer School “On the way to your company”. This one is the result of a cross-border collaboration between the University of Strasbourg (France), University of Freiburg (Germany) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (Switzerland), made through the KTUR project.

If you’re a student that is willing to set up a company in the future: it’s the perfect opportunity for you!

For the fourth consecutive year, the Summer School will take place during five days, from Monday 26 August to Friday 30 August 2024, in the three previously mentioned countries. 

Regarding the program, the first two days (Monday & Tuesday) will take place in Basel, the two following ones (Wednesday & Thursday) in Strasbourg, and the last one (Friday) will be held in Freiburg. 

During these five days, participants will intensively learn the keys to becoming successful business people, thanks to the knowledge brought by all the different lecturers and entrepreneurs from France, Germany and Switzerland. Not only will they have the chance to take classes, but they will also be able to put into practice what they will be taught during these days, thanks to the activities that are set up in this framework. 


Registrations for the KTUR Summer Schools are open until June 30, 2024 and are to be done exclusively online, directly through 👉 this link.

EPICUR Seasonal Schools on Entrepreneurship


The University of Strasbourg is part of the European project Epicur Shape-It. This initiative is supported by the alliance of European universities EPICUR, with backing from the European Commission and the National Research Agency as part of the Erasmus+ program. EPICUR aims to promote cooperation and convergence among European higher education institutions. The alliance facilitates student mobility, joint study programs, collaborative research, and the sharing of best practices.


Within this project, the nine partner universities aim to:

  • Promote multilingualism and language learning
  • Offer cross-disciplinary courses and seasonal schools
  • Implement innovative methods of learning and teaching
  • Support innovative projects through the European cooperation network
  • Promote open science and interdisciplinary research

☀️ EPICUR Summer Schools on Entrepreneurship


As part of this project, Pépite Etena organized a Summer School on Entrepreneurship in June 2023. This summer school lasted five days and provided a rich intercultural experience for participants from all over Europe, all united by the common goal of solving global societal problems.

🌱 EPICUR Spring School on Sustainable Entrepreneurship


In April 2024, a Spring School on Sustainable Entrepreneurship took place at BOKU in Vienna, which our organization also participated in with the University of Basel, which is an associate partner of the Alliance. During these five days, participants were introduced to new teaching methods by three different speakers. This event had a unique component compared to the previous one: a focus on sustainability.

These seasonal schools offer students a valuable opportunity to acquire and enhance their entrepreneurial skills while raising their awareness of major global issues. 

It’s also a great way to enhance the cooperation between the universities and the intercultural skills of the participants. Stay-tuned for the next one!👀 


To learn more about the Epicur network :

Click 👉 here

🚀 PhD – Skill’Up event


This year is taking place the third trinational bootcamp on entrepreneurship for PhD students from 5 universities of the Eucor network, from May 23 to May 25 in the premises of Pépite Etena

This event is co-organized with the Doctoral College of the University of Strasbourg.

🧪 The Bootcamp aims to build multidisciplinary teams using transversal skills to develop innovative projects. In addition, it’s the best moment to share a convivial moment of networking with professionals of innovation!

During the two first days (Thursday and Friday), participants have been introduced to the innovation process before starting to create an innovative company with a completed business plan, in multidisciplinary teams. On the third day (Saturday), they had a workshop on transversal competences that reinforced their soft skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving, and made them more adaptable and effective in diverse professional settings.

During these 3 days, participants validated 15 hours of transversal training, such as defining an idea, a target, a prototype and will even get the chance to pitch their project to a jury of professionals.

To learn more about the PhD – Skill’Up event :

Click 👉here to find the program of the 2024’s bootcamp.